Garvey                                 2016
Macaulay(White Caps)        2014
Bloomquist.                         2016
Moore 1st ball                      2016
Moore 2nd ball   (on hold)   2012
Fitzgerald                            2014
Harlow                                 2015
Owen                                   2014
Baran                                   2017
Clarke                                  2015
Rothchild                            2017
Ewing                                  2016
Nevins                                 2015
Calkins                                2015
Bermudez                            2016
Bermudez 2nd ball              2016
Hamlet                                 2013
Fitzpatrick                            2015
Rizzo                                   2014
Weiss                                   2014
Haughey                              2014
Francis B mud flat ball         2017
Moore J                                2015
Ferreira                                2014
Goodwin                               2017
Nemes                                 2015
Walsh Mike/Julie                  2016
Dahlen                                 2015
RNM   (Old Bliss spot)         2015
Doyle                                    2015
Cullivan                                2015
RNM extra on flat                 2014
Kislauskis                             2015
Cobb 1st ball                        2015
Cobb 2nd ball                       2013
Emmott                                2016
Powderly                              2014
Mower                                  2015
Gormley                                2015
Cronin                                   2016
D'Alessandro      5/8"            2012
Francis J                               2015
Radoslovich                          2015
Dennehy                                2015
Johnson                                2015
Sexton                                  2015
Gillis/Benson (Capt. Ron)     2015
Shean                                   2015
Viveiros                                 2016
Mullaney                               2017
Chandler back up ball           2016
Chandler main ball                2014
Emery   (No Boat on hold)    2012
Devin                                    2015
Kanter                                  2016
Shaw                                    2017
Howell                                   2015
Casserly                                2017
Barbour A.                             2015
Nichols B.                              2016
Manteiga  ...5/8 chain....       2012
King                                       2017
D. Walsh   (S.Dr.)                 2013
Carlson                                2017
Macaulay (S.Dr.) no boat     2012
Bliss                                     2016 
Kondochriste                        2015
Duffy                                     201???
Barclay                                 2016
McAndrews                          2016   
Service guidelines for maintaining your mooring. 

One very important recommendation is to have your chain replaced after 3 years. Over the years, I have seen some chains last up to 5 years and seen others fail after 3 years. All it takes is one bad link, shackle or swivel to have your boat break loose and land on the rocks. Moorings that are exposed at low tide will have the benefit of me being able to inspect all of the equipment, right down to the block. Moorings that are on the flats at low tide will be inspected first and replaced if needed.   These mooring chains may get a little extension on service life as I can visually check each link and shackle. Moorings that are in the channel require me to scuba dive and will be replaced at that time.  I will be logging your name and date of chain replacement for future scheduled servicing. If your name is highlighted in red, it means you are due for an inspection / replacement.  
First Prize Winner for the worst shackle award
Yes, this was all that was left holding the ball in place on the mooring block. No need for a hammer here! 
 Guidelines and dates for your mooring chain